In the ‘Frankie’s Magic Football’ series:
  1. Frankie vs the Pirate Pillagers
  2. Frankie vs the Rowdy Romans
  3. Frankie vs the Cowboy's Crew
  4. Frankie vs the Mummy’s Menace
  5. Frankie vs the Knight's Nasties
  6. Frankie and the World Cup Carnival
  7. Frankie and the Dragon Curse
  8. Frankie Saves Christmas
  9. Frankie's New York Adventure
  10. Frankie's Kangaroo Caper
  11. The Grizzly Games
  12. Meteor Madness
  13. The Great Santa Race
  14. Team T.Rex
  15. Deep Sea Dive
  16. Olympic Flame Chase
  17. Elf Express
  18. Mammoth Mayhem
  19. Summer Holiday Showdown
  20. Game Over
  21. Sticker Activity Book
You can get your own copies of the 'Frankie's Magic Football' books by visiting these retailers
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